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  • Rhenus Archiv Services

    Your partner for document archiving and records management

  • Document Archiving

    Storing sensitive business documents in high-security physical archives is our core field of expertise.

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    Customised solutions in records management

Rhenus Archiv Services GmbH – Focus on records management

Storing sensitive Business documents in high-security physical archives is our core field of Expertise.

Your partner for document archiving and records management

We therefore operate physical archives with moderate to high access rates and are able to make documents available in the shortes of timeframes – physically or digitally. More than 15,000 customers in Germany and abroad use our services and have already entrusted us with storing more than 10 billion documents at our high-security archives.

In order to meet our customers’ highest expectations, we equip our business sites with state-of-the-art security technology and guarantee that data protection rules are consistently followed. Our operations utilise standardised, IT-supported working processes for rapid access to the records 24/7. We are not only able to meet our customers’ requirements and the legal regulations, but also use guidelines to secure documents and data for specific industry sectors; regardless of whether customers need an individual solution or ask us to realise a major international project. We work for large companies and public institutions, but also solicitors’ or doctors’ practices and SMEs.

On-site records storage

On-site records storage

Our prime focus is on the optimum utilisation of existing storage space. We offer customised solutions that will also suit the unique needs of your Business.
Focus on: On-site records storage

Data media storage

Data media storage – safe, secure, certified

In-house storage of data media may pose a significant security risk to businesses. The cost and effort incurred in purchasing, deploying and maintaining reliable security technologies can be altogether avoided by entrusting a specialised service provider with the storage of valuable data media.
Data media storage

Off-site records archiving

Off-site records archiving

Off-site records archiving  in Rhenus high-security archives affords companies a variety of benefits. Save your valuable resources and focus on your core business by entrusting Rhenus with your time and effort-consuming archiving tasks. Save the tedious time spent on searching for documents  and benefit from the know-how of a professional document logistics specialist. Off-site archiving of your business documents that are subject to retention requirements will definitely optimise your document management processes.
Off-site records archiving

Digital archiving

Digital archiving

If you are looking for ways to reduce inefficient workflows involving paper, Rhenus digital archiving will be your solution of choice:

We will store your records at one of our high-security archives, and you can request any document at any time in digital format. The desired document will be made available to you within just a couple of minutes!
Benefits of the digital archiving



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