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Scan-on-Demand – records availability around the clock

Over the past years, Rhenus Office Systems has been entrusted with taking over operation of many active records filing and indexing systems. Our experience with these processes has given rise to the so-called “Active File” concept.  It was specially developed for customers  who need to rely on working with physical files and documents. Thanks to our well-designed IT infrastructure, we can make available to you any file from your active records systems within only a few minutes from your request. This special offer is termed “Scan-on-Demand” Service.

How does the ‘Scan-on-Demand’ principle work?

At some point in time after relocating your records to an off-site location with our assistance, you maybe need a document or a file for further processing – that will be no problem at all because our “Scan-on-Demand” service will provide you access to the desired file within practically no time.

And this is how it works in detail: If you wish to retrieve a document, you will first search for the ID of the respective file via our Business Networking Platform and then order the filed document. The file will be picked from our security archive, and the desired document will bei digitised. At your request, the entire file can also be digitised. Our Scan-on-Demand service will thus either supply a full file or only the desired document in digital form. The material will be made available to you directly in your electronic file via an SFTP server or via an interface. The digitisation process will be documented in the archiving system in a transparent (trackable / traceable) and tamper-proof (audit-compliant) manner.

The benefits of the ‘Scan-on-Demand’ offer at a glance:

  • Safe and secure storage of your files and your active filing and indexing system
  • Reduction of clerical/administrative workload
  • Space savings
  • Sorting of new documents into existing files on an ongoing basis
  • Provision of documents within a matter of minutes
  • Tie-in to the file processing system and to your e-file
  • Data storage in certified Rhenus data centres
  • Cost transparency

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