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New approaches to document archiving

The importance of document archiving in German companies is constantly increasing. The need to comply with with the myriad of statutory requirements and regulations in terms of data storage and management may therefore pose quite a challenge. The aspect of data protection plays a crucial role in this regard: Organisations today need to attach top priority to protecting their own documents and those of their customers alike. However, most companies lack the necessary know-how and equipment to meet this requirement properly. Secure document archiving inevitably leads to increased administrative effort and will thus drive cost.

The following conditions stand in the way of successful document archiving:

  • limited or undersized/insufficient storage space
  • unstructured filing systems
  • lack of inventory transparency
  • missing or deficient IT infrastructure at the archive.

Follow new paths and discover valuable options by entrusting records archiving to the experts – either by relocating your records altogether in the form of off-site (external) document archiving, or by continuing to archive them in-house (on-site or internal records archiving) and leaving only the document management processes to an experienced document logistics provider.  

Off-site (external) records archiving – optimised solutions

When it comes to the topic of efficient and secure records archiving, off-site archiving will usually be the solution of choice. Thanks to our high-security archives and spot-on infrastructure, we can always offer you the smartest way of document archiving. This will save you cost, precious time and other valuable resources because you can utilise the saved space for other purposes. We will alleviate your administrative hassles, thus unleashing usable resources for your best benefit.

Our services are scalable and can be customised to suit the most exacting needs. They cover the entire range of document archiving services, including “Scan on Demand”. We can also arrange for the scanning of individual documents or the salvage and recovery of water-damaged / mould-contaminated records.

Rhenus takes a holistic approach to document archiving and is thus able to provide all services from one source:

  • Mailroom services
  • Digitising of your documents
  • Document archiving
  • Document destruction

We will tailor our document logistics services to suit your unique needs so that you will benefit from our expertise from the very first day.

On-site (internal) records storage – efficient use of resources

In addition to off-site (external) records archiving, we also offer on-site (internal) operation of our clients’ in-house records archives. For example, if you require the documents to be archived in immediate proximity to the relevant administrative/clerical department, we will place our full range of archive management know-how at your disposal – without the need to transfer any of your records to an off-site location: We will operate your document archive, your records storage facility or your document indexing systems (folder systems) on-site, i.e. at your premises. We will make well-targeted use of our powerful IT infrastructure in order to optimise your in-house document archiving processes. To this end, we will combine the benefits of document outsourcing with the advantages of on-site document storage into a perfect match

Safe and secure document archiving

Another key factor to be constantly aware of in records storage is the aspect of security. The purchase of appropriate systems and archives is costly and space-consuming. In addition, organisations taking the responsibility for document archiving into their own hands face higher risks in many ways, including document loss by theft, fire and water damage as well as data leaks (data breaches) through unauthorised access, to name but a few hazards. This is where Rhenus comes into play: Our security archives provide ultimate protection to safeguard even the most sensitive documents whilst giving you a complete overview of your inventory. Our IT-supported processes enable us to track each and every movement of any item. In addition, you can access any of the archived documents at any time via our online archive. In a nutshell: All important information can be retrieved whenever you need it.

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