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Data media storage - safe, secure, certified and ... affordable

In-house storage of data media may pose a significant security risk to businesses. The cost and effort incurred in purchasing, deploying and maintaining reliable security technologies can be altogether avoided by entrusting a specialised service provider with the storage of valuable data media.

All Rhenus-owned centralised high-security archives guarantee not only maximum security, but will also permit you to benefit from standardised processes and a uniform infrastructure. As a welcome side effect, this will also generate substantial cost savings for your benefit.

The benefits of data media storage:

  • Certified security, transparency and flexibility
  • Standardised processes and homogeneous infrastructure
  • Maximum service life/durability and optimum access times (minimum latency)
  • Protection from data loss, theft and inappropriate storage
  • Online search/retrieval and ordering via the Business Networking Platform
  • Our Service Centre is available to you night and day

Secure by design - Professional storage of data media

Whether it is hard disks, CDs, DVDs, microfilms or other optical data carriers: Our high-security archives are designed to accommodate almost any type of media. If you opt for certified data media storage, you will always be on the winning side because it will safeguard you against data loss, theft and inappropriate storage. Your backup media will be collected at the agreed intervals, including daily if you so wish. The media will be transported to one of our high-security archives in neutral, air-conditioned vehicles.

Our archives can accommodate the following data carriers: 

  • CDs
  • DVDs
  • WORMs
  • MODs
  • Hard disks
  • Magnetic tapes
  • Micro films
  • Microfiches
  • Other storage media

In addition, we can employ automated tape management systems in accordance with your unique specifications. Our data media storage services ensure maximum service life and optimum access times (minimum latency). Our air-conditioned archives are certified to VdS security class C. Please contact us for further information!

On the safe side throughout – data media storage as a perfect complement to records archiving

To perform online search/retrieval or order data carriers, you can conveniently use our Business Networking Platform. Depending on the agreed service level, we will make the desired media available to you via our courier service. Express retrieval is possible around the clock each day of the week. Our central Service Centre at your disposal day and night and will arrange for the requested data media to be made available to you even at the shortest notice.

Data media management – tamper-proof and transparent

Our barcode-based media management system seamlessly tracks each and every movement of any item, whether initial transfer to storage, temporary retrieval from storage in response to a client‘s request and subsequent retransfer or permanent removal and/or final disposal (destruction/shredding). This tried and tested barcode procedure, which does not allow the room for any missing link, makes our system absolutely tamper-proof (audit-compliant) and, as a welcome side effect, will provide you with a complete overview of your media inventory. If you opt for outsourcing your data media management and data media storage to Rhenus, you can be sure to receive services with certified security, transparency and flexibility at an excellent price/quality ratio. Please contact our specialised data media management and storage staff and get valuable expert advice today.

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