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Here you can select our various locations around Rhenus. You can choose between countries, the corresponding locations, business areas, as well as locations in your surrounding area.

Off-site records archiving

Off-site records archiving in Rhenus high-security archives affords companies a variety of benefits. Save your valuable resources and focus on your core business by entrusting Rhenus with your time and effort-consuming archiving tasks. Save the tedious time spent on searching for documents  and benefit from the know-how of a professional document logistics specialist. Off-site archiving of your business documents that are subject to retention requirements will definitely optimise your document management processes.

We guarantee significant cost savings through standardised work processes and a uniform infrastructure. You will also benefit from the favourable geographical location of our security archives nationwide across Germany and other European countries.

Your benefits from off-site records archiving

  • Maximum security 
  • Cost savings and efficiency increase through off-site records archiving
  • Nationwide and international network of high-security archives owned by Rhenus
  • Professional project management for document outsourcing
  • Full transparency over all files and documents
  • Permanent availability of files and documents
  • Best Practice archiving procedures applied to currently over 10 billion documents in Germany

Off-site records archiving – optimised, safe and secure

We can manage off-site archiving for any type of information and data carrier. From classic documents via binders, files, folders, drawings and archiving cartons all the way through to electronic data carriers of any type, microfilms and many other items: If you opt for Rhenus to take care of your records archiving needs, you will experience an enormous efficiency increase  in your business processes and significant cost reductions.

Our certified security archives  are subject to the most stringent security rules. Thanks to our state-of-the-art archiving system, which is hosted at our own computer centre in Germany, we can guarantee absolute transparency over your document and file inventories. Each item movement is recorded in the system so that the status of each file can be retrieved  at any time.

Furthermore, we offer maximum security and comprehensive protection from unauthorised access, theft, fire and water damage. We guarantee that your sensitive data will be stored in accordance with the highest security standards. To this end, we have obtained certification to ISO 9001, ISO 27001 und GLP.

Document outsourcing – customised to each case

We will cater to your specific needs in all aspects of document management. Therefore, we begin our work by conducting a detailed inventory survey and security requirements analysis.  Only then will we devise just the right project plan to meet your specific needs.

Thanks to our digital Web portal “BNP”, all data will remain at your full disposal: Authorised persons can conveniently search for any of the files online from their PC to retrieve its current status. In addition, authorised users can request supply of any of their files. In this case, the complete binders / files or individual documents from these binders / files will be made available to them in accordance with the agreed service level, i.e. either in digital form via the Web portal or as originals via our own courier service.

Off-site records archiving – transparent, fast and flexible

Your files will be transferred to one of our high-security archives. Each file will be recorded in our archiving system and will be assigned a unique barcode. This barcode serves to associate the file directly with its storage location. Recording criteria include parameters such as department, cost centre, content information, date of destruction. At your request, up to forty additional “customer-specific” features (descriptors) can be added; these are searchable via the Web portal by authorised users. Thanks to the association with the storage location, each file and document can be accessed fast and “spot-on” – within a matter of minutes if required.

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