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On-site records storage

Many companies need to store their business documents at their own premises for either legal or organisational reasons. In-house records storage may, however, be a resource-consuming undertaking: It costs personnel resources and will only work with an appropriate information technology and storage / warehouse infrastructure. When it comes to on-site records storage, our prime focus is on the optimum utilisation of existing storage space. We offer customised solutions that will also suit the unique needs of your business! From infrastructure provision to the take-over and on-site operation of archives as well as records filing / indexing systems at our clients’ premises – we provide the whole range of services associated with safe and secure records storage.

The benefits of in-house records storage:

  • Optimum utilisation of existing floor space
  • Time savings and risk reduction thanks to professional document Management
  • Cost minimisation and cost transparency
  •  Maximum security
  • Compliance with statutory security standards
  • 24/7 access to files and documents via our online platform
  • Short-term service levels
  • Usage-relevant accounting based on cost centres
  • Certified processes to ISO 9001 and ISO 27001

Boost your efficiency through outsourcing

At your request, we will provide shelving and rack systems, security technology as well as IT infrastructure, and we will create the appropriate storage location topology in our archiving system. Furthermore, your staff can search your records inventory via our online platform, and they can order individual files or documents. Put us to the test and benefit from our experience in the field of on-site records storage whilst enjoying new freedom from administration hassles! By combining outsourcing with on-site (in-house) records archiving, you will be able to greatly increase the efficiency of your records management processes.

Add value to your in-house records storage

On-site records storage provides a number of economic and security-relevant advantages: You will not have to pay any additional rent, but will only pay for the operational side of on-site records storage. Payment for the provision of requested documents will be effected on a price-per-unit basis. This will minimise your costs whilst automatically creating more transparency. In this way, you will benefit from our standardised processes and our uniform infrastructure from the very first day. We also offer high-security solutions to the many challenges imposed by data protection legislation.

Flexible archiving solutions with short response times

Thanks to our flexible structures, we can swiftly respond to changes: Is the currently used storage room needed for another purpose? – That’s no problem at all! We can transfer your records archive to one of our security archives at short notice, within practically no time and, of course, without compromising the agreed service level. If you prefer off-site archiving right from the start, we will ensure fast and secure records relocation. As you will see, our archiving services never ever interferes with the regular business of document users, not even during archive relocation.

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