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Hospitals and clinics

Demographic developments represent a special challenge in the health sector. It is true that the aging population provides hospitals and clinics with a huge opportunity because the number of treatments will rise and care services will play a key role in the future. However the demands placed on hospitals and clinics will increase too. It will become increasingly hard to hire and retain suitable hospital staff – i.e. specialists, nurses and administrative staff. According to studies, this will change hospital planning to such a degree that the service orientation towards future patients will become much more important. This also includes the communication between the hospital and patient need to be more professional, which is partially linked to the transparency of patient data. It is also foreseeable that the quality of services at a hospital will increasingly be viewed as a competitive advantage.

Future restructuring of administration effort

The future restructuring of hospitals and associated developments in patient management will not only force hospitals to focus on their core business, but also involve a general increase in time and effort spent on documentation as part of quality requirements. Strictly confidential and highly sensitive data will be increasingly generated and this will be collated in electronic patient files in a transparent manner and be made available within a very short time through the hospital information systems, if required. However one problem will remain in future: historic patient files in paper form must be kept for up to 30 years.

Our solution

As the digitalisation of existing patient files is unlikely to be cost-effective when compared to professional and long-term storage, we offer you a special solution: Rhenus Archiv Services operates a network of high-security archives across Germany for storing patient and administrative files from the hospital sector. Storage takes place according to strict data protection requirements, particularly the German Data Protection Act, the state data protection laws, the state hospital laws, church data protection regulations and Section 203 of the German Criminal Code. The management of the patient file archives at Rhenus can either be handled by hospital staff or by Rhenus. Storage can either be provided in an enclosed area, or there are special means for storing files with randomly assigned pseudonyms.

Your secure and fast access to your stored file

Access to files or individual documents can take place directly from a hospital’s information system or using a link to our archive system. They are either made available physically through our own courier services or digitally through scan-on-demand. The data is protected at all times, for we are not only certified according to ISO 9001, but also ISO 27001 and GLP.

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