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Public Sector

Many public institutions envisage the implementation of eFiles or electronic case processing systems or have just completed their implementation.
The increased use of such systems goes hand in hand with a drastically growing demand for electronic solutions in incoming mail processing, the filing department processes and the conventional paper-based document management. Here, the focus is not only on holistic, systematic and legally compliant digitization but also on the issue of cost effectiveness. Digitizing complete archives, accumulated in the course of decades, often makes little sense since the cost and manual effort involved is frequently underestimated.
Rhenus Archiv Services has taken over the external operation of many active filing departments in the past few years. The "active file" product that we developed from this experience is mainly geared towards customers from the public sector for whom working with physical files and documents is essential or who are just in the transition phase between physical and electronic record management and case processing.

IT-aided work processes

By using IT-aided work processes we are nationwide in a position to daily sort several thousands of documents into your files and to provide you in digital form with several thousands of documents from your files within a few minutes after the relevant request is made – and, if desired, also around the clock.

Rhenus Archiv Services

Concentration on the company's core business has played a central role in many consolidation processes. And this trend continues unbroken. Simple administrative tasks requiring no special skill or only little skill, are nowadays increasingly transferred to specialized, external service providers by public institutions. The main distinguishing features of Rhenus Archiv Services as a service provider not only include the provision of instructed personnel for the handling of the processes but also the availability of the required infrastructure. Our IT platforms and interfaces are the prerequisites which enable us to operate the case processing systems of our customers. Our project management ensures consistent process structures and transparent implementation of the customers' requirements.
The actual added value for our customers, however, consists above all in the fact that we assure the required flexibility in processing. Based on firmly defined service levels and quality requirements, the actions are always performed exactly at the point of time when they come up. Cost variability is also ensured: The customer pays only for those services on a unit price basis that we have rendered.
Strategically, the cooperation with Rhenus Archiv Services really makes sense to our customers because they save money, minimize the risk and are prepared to respond to the challenges of the progressing demographic change.

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