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Real Estate & Housing Asset Management

Professional archiving and management solutions for tenant lease, building construction and real estate records:

from a maze … to amazing!

The management of tenant lease records usually involves large volumes of documents that take up more than just space: The effort expended in finding files buried in basement archives or stored in specially created external archives generates costs and consumes valuable personnel resources. Retrieving documents from  archives that have grown over many decades often resembles a cryptic treasure hunt because indexing and filing structures may have undergone variations over time so that the records storage system keeps evolving into a peculiarly perplexing patchwork rather than into a seamlessly scalable system. Until required documents are finally found, much time will often enough be spent – or even fruitlessly wasted if the documents are not found at all.

Since housing companies nowadays are steadily moving away from the formerly dusty image of mere administrative organisations, new challenges are on their way: Operating in a business environment where a culture of practised client orientation and the quest for excellence meet the spirit of innovation, companies engaged in today’s housing sector increasingly seek to differentiate themselves from each other and to develop a unique, competitive identity. They have become aware that the time is now to streamline their organisation, implement lean business processes, shorten communication and decision-making pathways as well as to employ the most appropriate tools on their way towards a service-oriented structure with significantly reduced administration costs.

In the light of this awareness, many housing companies have already come to digitise part of their records, and their number is constantly growing. Especially documents relating to new building construction projects can now be easily made available in digitised form. But despite the undoubted convenience of digitisation, many paper records (hard copies) of digitised documents continue to be physically stored in archives, mostly because information captured on paper will still be legible in a hundred years from now – a benefit which electronic media do not usually offer because constant technological change takes its toll on legacy documents! Furthermore, special documents such as formalised moving-in and moving-out reports as well as walk-around inspection reports are usually paper-based so that the completed forms are eventually stored away in filing cabinets or archives.

All of these storage-related activities take time – time spent away from your core business! If you entrust Rhenus with your storage management needs for housing records, you can choose among a wide variety of service options. As a leading full-service provider in document logistics, we will ensure that your tenant lease, building construction and real estate records as well as any further administration documents will be safely taken into the custody of our high-security archive, where they will be stored in full compliance with all security-relevant statutory provisions set forth in the law.

If you have documents that are waiting to be sorted into the correct folder or file binder – no problem! Just send them to us, and we will do the rest for you. Do you wish to step into the electronic age by digitising your current certificates? Again – send the physical documents to us, and we will make them available to you electronically within the agreed time frame. All you have to do is to keep in mind the additional retention requirements for original records that may be imposed in respect of some categories of housing documents as a supplement to storage in the electronic archive.

By outsourcing the tedious task of archive management, you can save huge amounts of time, money and effort: With external archive management in place, your staff will be able to focus on their core activities instead of having to spend valuable time on finding particular files and folders. In many cases, archives that have evolved over years and decades have been subject to organisational breaks and changes, for example, as a result of corporate restructuration. Since day-to-day business absorbs most of the staff‘s time and focus, the proper updating, maintenance and preservation of legacy archives does not usually receive more than scant attention. More often than not, only employees who have been keeping close track of the myriad of files stored along the meanwhile cluttered aisles of archive racks will be able to locate and retrieve records without a hassle, whereas employees not familiar with the archive’s history will have ever greater difficulty in quickly finding the right records.

In the midst of grown or growing records confusion, it is good to know that help is only a mouse click away: Where a filing system lacks accuracy and uniformity, a specialised service provider can assist you in immediately generating enormous saving potential by restructuring your archives in a transparent, efficient and cost-effective way. Especially decentralised organisations greatly appreciate this service because they can now benefit from dramatically reduced administration effort and cost.

At Rhenus, we have the solutions that will work for you!

We can assist you in:

  • archiving your lenant lease, building construction and real estate records as well as any other corporate records 
  • the accurate and timely filing of minutes of meeting and reports, serial letters as well as annual operating costs account
  • performing  simple administrative / clerical activities
  • becoming familiar, step by step, with the digital world through “Scan on Demand“
  • digitising your current stock of documents

We offer tailor-made solutions enabling you to attain your economic and immaterial goals – solutions that are perfectly in tune with the exacting requirements and expectations of a modern, forward-looking housing management company like yours.

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