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Records management – meeting ever-growing challenges in a world of change

The further the information age advances, the more records management is becoming a key focus of interest and attention for any organisation. Faced with a steadily increasing number and complexity of legal requirements in a business world marked by ever-changing work processes, companies more than ever need to address the issue of records management in an orchestrated manner.

Due to the never-ending flood of information, expenditure incurred for in-house records management is skyrocketing. The issue of space also poses a major problem to many companies – because space is money and often an all too scarce resource. Furthermore, a myriad of industry-specific standards and regulations exist which establish stringent rules for records management.

In light of this development, businesses need a reliable partner by their side who will cater to their needs in a timely, efficient and streamlined manner. If you are looking for a one-stop solution to your records management needs, you have come to the right place: Our specialised and customised range of services will relieve you of that heavy burden. We will reduce your cost, minimise your administrative effort and optimise your in-house workflows. In this way, you will be free to commit your full energy to your core business.

Professional records management – robust and tamper-proof at all times

Growing and changing with the times and needs of our clients has always been our prime concern. This is why we have made secure and efficient records management the centrepiece of our work. Our certified high-security archives conform to the most exacting standards. They are equipped with cutting-edge technology and will thus ensure maximum security and transparency at all times.  Since we are long-standing experts in handling strictly confidential and sensitive data, we can always guarantee professional and tamper-proof (audit-compliant) records management.

Customised solutions in records management

We are committed to continuous development and improvement in whatever we do. This means for you that you can benefit from our optimised and standardised workflows, thus meeting any records management challenge with great ease. We operate and maintain physical filing systems as well as document archives with high access rates so that the documents you need to retrieve at a given moment will be made available to you in just about no time.

If you wish, you can also conveniently retrieve digitised documents via our online portal. And even physically archived paper files can be accessed online. To this end, we offer a special scanning service which is known by the name of “Scan on Demand”. Whenever you wish to retrieve a file or a document, it will be digitised and made available to you at your request within a matter of minutes. The data is hosted at our own certified computer centre in Germany. Files and documents that you may require in physical form will be delivered to you via our own courier service.

We also offer a broad array of additional scalable services that span from customised individual solutions all the way through to international large-scale projects. Thanks to our powerful IT-supported infrastructure, we can tailor all of our services to suit your unique needs.

The benefits of records management

  • Freeing up and leveraging of resources
  • Compliance with all statutory and industry-specific requirements
  • Efficient and state-of-the-art records management
  • Certified high-security archives equipped with cutting-edge technology
  • Client access to digital and physical records via our online portal
  • Data hosting in our own computer centre in Germany
  • Flexible solutions and short response times
  • Adherence to the agreed service level

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