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Document management setting new standards

Document management setting new standards

Document management involving highly sensitive data must nowadays meet high standards. There are stringent statutory regulations in place for the handling of personal data. Therefore, it is all the more important to set high security and data protection standards in good time, i.e. from a proactive approach, when it comes to data processing and destruction. If an enterprise opts for implementing and managing their business document archives in-house, it will have to purchase and deploy costly security technology, a complex infrastructure and a tamper-proof (audit-compliant) organisation. This cost and effort can be altogether avoided by entrusting a specialised service provider with your document management tasks.

We at Rhenus are experts in the field of document management. We take a holistic approach to implementing cross-industry solutions that are affordable, safe, secure and always customised to suit the specific needs of each client. Let us know your needs, and you will see: At Rhenus we do it your way!

The benefits of document management at a glance

  • Reduction of administrative/clerical workload
  • Compliance with the most stringent security standards
  • Uniform/standardised control processes
  • Document retrieval within a matter of minutes
  • Processes conforming to data protection and privacy regulations
  • Dense network of locations
  • Cost reduction

Customised solutions in document archiving

Within the field of document management, professional archiving is one of our core competencies. We offer a wide variety of customised services: Whether it is off-site (external) records storage in one of our high-security archives or on-site (internal) records storage at our clients’ premises: Rhenus has developed a huge array of professional solutions for document archiving. Our archives are equipped with cutting-edge technology and will thus ensure maximum security. In case of off-site archiving, your records will be transferred to one of these security archives; each record will be captured/indexed in our archiving system and will then be assigned a barcode through which any of its movements can be unambiguously identified. This procedure ensures seamless tracking and tracing and thus maximum transparency.

In case off-site storage is not a viable option in your case because you need to rely on in-house storage of your business documents, Rhenus can also provide valuable assistance: Our know-how combined with standardised processes will ensure cost optimisation and security for your benefit. If you opt for on-site storage, you will not have to pay any rent for space, but only a fee as consideration for the infrastructure developed by us. Let us show you how easy and secure properly organised document management can be!

Digital archiving – walking new paths

Digital archiving is currently the solution of choice for efficient document management. It will allow you to save records storage costs and gives you immediate access to your documents. “Across-the-board” digitisation of all hard-copy business documents may not always, however, be the wisest choice in terms of efficiency. Therefore, we have developed a product by the name of “Active File”: It allows files and documents with high access rates to be digitised by our scanning service. If you request an item, it will be made available to you in virtually no time. Our online archive allows you to access your data at any time. In addition, we again guarantee maximum security standards and consistent compliance with data protection / privacy requirements. With this option, we offer you the most affordable and most secure method of records archiving.

Storage of data media

When it comes to data media storage, we also offer comprehensive solutions for almost any type of medium: Whether it is electronic backup media such as data tapes, MODs, WORMs, CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMs or microfiches and microfilms: We guarantee safe and secure storage. If you opt for certified data media storage, you will be safeguarded against data loss, theft and inappropriate storage. Your storage media will be collected at the agreed intervals, including daily if you so wish. The media will be stored in air-conditioned,fire-proof areas of our security archives.

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